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Monica Harris

GK Profile sessions for somatic integration, visibility

Monifa Harris, The Vocal Alchemist

is committed to helping the visionaries and transformative space holders to fully realize their vocal power and potential to make a big impact.
She is passionate about educating the world on how the voice is a tool for mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Gene Keys is the amplifier that presences our signature vocal vibration and self-expression. It is educating us to our energetic anatomy which is the true portal to and from maya. Unifying our awareness of energy, time, and space for precision in our chosen creations.

Monifa incorporates Voice Healing, Astrology, Gene Keys, Human Design, & Kemetic Wisdom into her work. She is also a certified Energy Codes Coach© and Period Coach

Monifa Harris is the creator of the OMance: Vocal Resonance Method to help visionaries truly resonate with ease, passion and presence.
Monifa Harris would love to help you discover your true voice and inner strength for deep confidence on stage and in life.

Monifa Harris has performed in Florida, California, North Carolina, Washington DC, New York, Greece, Canada and Bulgaria. She has taught at Durham Arts Council and now works online through her business Impact Online Voice Studio and acts as CMO & Performance Coach in her LLC, Feel Free Marketing & Consulting. She has been cited as a voice specialist in 4 publications including “Breathing with Luce Irigaray” by Dr. Shannon Wong Lerner.


Gene Keys Courses: Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, Pearl Sequence

Interests: Astrology, Business, Coach, Human Design, I Ching, Music, Nature, Somatic Awareness, Breath Work, Voice Work, Vibrational Resonance, Cymatics