Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Nancie Leon

Mentoring New Perspectives Through Realization

I grew up in a small town called “Mentor”, which is in Ohio near Lake Erie – one of the 5 Great Lakes in midwestern United States. As a small child, I was one who loved exploring all things of the natural world – the beauty of the trees, plants, streams, and flowers. My father was a nurseryman, specifically, in growing roses and we lived in an area where the soil was rich and fertile – where beautiful roses grew and were shipped all over the world.

I always had a sense that we were connected to something greater and that we were powerful beings and not broken or lost. However, throughout my early years, I lived in the world of my many emotions always trying to understand what caused my feelings. I distinctly remember early on becoming aware of these emotions and wondering – “What in the world are these feelings all about!?” Wayne Dyer’s first book – Your Erroneous Zones was my first inspirational book. This was my quest – to discover why I felt the way I did and how could I shift it.

As I continued throughout life, many authors inspired me as I soaked up their wisdom on the subjects of health, psychology, and the world of the metaphysical – all leading me to what it means to be a human. I also experienced program studies of meditation, breathing, vibrational therapy, energy medicine, stress reduction, etc. They all became my teachers, my inspiration to rise out of the ups and downs of what was going on in my inner world. Eventually, my dharma brought me to the world of energy and holistic healing work where I was initially a very enthused student and then became a devoted teacher.

I continued to seek outer answers of the mind/body connection while rooting myself inward to attempt to understand the patterns and how we create our moments of experiences from the energy that moves this reality through our thoughts and emotions.

Then how natural it was for me to discover the Gene Keys in late 2014 after having a Human Design chart run for me. I was fascinated by the gates and wanted to know more about each of them. As I searched for books on the subject, I came across The Gene Keys book and purchased it. After barely reading through the first chapter, I was fascinated at the beauty of the words contained within. My studies then went on to include Human Design as well as the I Ching – so that I could expand my knowledge and eventually, wisdom. Oh, how I love to learn!

As a consciously driven explorer of inner life and presently a community leader of self-awareness and meditation in Central Florida, the past 40+ years has given me the ability to utilize the tools and resources that I have gained as well as my life’s wisdom to bring my knowledge to those who are seeking answers or asking – why are we here and what is my purpose.

At mid-life I had my spiritual awakening while practicing energy work which has culminated into several other mystical experiences so, I’ve come to personally know that we are all an integral and precious jewel in this grand tapestry of life, so it is ever so natural for me to “mentor” others. As an Ambassador and Guide, I am honored to be a part of the Gene Keys network and share its valuable teachings.