Gene Keys Guide

In the dance of life, I have always been a seeker, an inquirer, and a believer. Born into a world of adventure and passion, I grew up on a farm nestled in the hills of the western Ghats of India. With the backdrop of the beauty of the landscape, I was thrown into the tumultuous energy of my parents’ unconventional relationship. Despite the conflicts and insecurities that permeated my upbringing, I was enveloped in a love potion that fueled my innate curiosity and quest for meaning.

I went on to study Ecological Agriculture but then chose to be a forester in Auroville, a universal township aspiring for human unity. Drawn to its promise of limitless possibilities, I immersed myself in the dynamics of the community. My first ten years were spent in creating a school for my children using Auroville as our classroom. It was one of the most wholesome experiences I have ever had. And part of it was the flaw in my design as I faced rejection at all levels.

From this experience of rejection, I embarked on a journey of healing and self-discovery, guided by the profound insights of the Gene Keys. I realized that unconsciously, I had been using the community rather than serving it—a revelation that transformed my understanding of family and community in a whole new dimension.

Auroville serves as a microcosm of the world, striving to transcend barriers of creed, politics, and nationality in pursuit of a shared ideal. Through my participation in the community, I embraced the diversity, integrating it into my being both intellectually and vitally.

I recognized the invisible bonds that unite individuals within the community, forming separate entities with their own collective spirit. These configurations morph and adapt as members come together to fulfill various tasks, blurring the lines between spirituality and material life. It’s through collective effort and service to the larger whole that the highest spirit manifests, paving the way for integral human perfection.

These insights have become integral to my journey as I navigate through the forest in this city. Driven by a profound sense of service to the community, I see myself as a catalyst for healing and transformation, both individually and collectively. There is nothing that gives me more joy than what I call the experience of collective effervescence.

Characterized by moving and dancing together, the experience of collective effervescence reflects our inherent interconnectedness and the presence of a superorganism—a collective entity that becomes apparent. This recognition underscores the profound beauty and complexity of collective evolution, inspiring me to deepen my engagement with the transformative potential of community life.

Today, I continue my journey with an unwavering commitment to personal growth, service, and the realization of unity. Through my dedication to Auroville, I play my part in fostering a harmonious and inclusive environment where all individuals can thrive and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity.


Gene Keys Courses: Art of Contemplation, Dare to be Divine, The Delta

Interests: Nature, Community