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Nid Ra

Live Your Soul's Dream Life

Whether it is physical pain, emotional burnout or a spiritual awakening, Nid can draw on a wealth of wisdom and diverse trainings to guide you to find your intuitive wisdom and soulful expression in this life. You are held in a calm yet strong presence of authentic compassion and truthful light.

Nid utilises diverse modalities to empower others from emotional overwhelm to peace in action, whether through the movement lineages of dance, yoga and somatics, breathwork, light body meditations, Law of Attraction and karma teachings. As a psychic intuitive and empath, Nid’s own healing journey inspires many worldwide to find their own clarity, confidence and joy in life.

In 2021, Nid received international acclaim for her yoga nidra practices and videos of playful simple self-care tips by Forks Over Knives. Her 25 years of guiding others’ healing, encompasses a former legal career and her own healing path from a brain injury.

Nid’s clients call her what supports them – a Teacher, Healer and Guide. Her gift is communicating with your soul and all levels of your human experience, to meet your humaneness where you are at right now so that you can make the shifts your soul asks for kindly, gently and powerfully.

With a unique approach and understanding to uplift and empower others, you only need to know that to work with her feels ‘right’. She will guide you beyond your dreams and into your soul’s dream for this life!


Gene Keys Courses: Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, Pearl Sequence,  Dream Arc

Interests: Dance, Meditation, Somatic Awareness, Karma, Soul Realignment, Light Body