Gene Keys Guide

Nynke Catharina Rinzema

GK profile and Golden Path guidance, Soul Touching

Hello, I’m Nynke Catharina, based in The Netherlands. Since 2020 I have been guiding people back to their pure soul’s connection by using language, the frequencies of the words and the silences. My soul’s gift is a refined sensing where calibration is wanted within a person. I translate that gift then very practically, into a really understandable language to guide people to become centred again in their core stability.

Since 2000 I’ve added the Gene Keys to my work, to help people make sense of what they feel and then help them to open themselves again at a more intimate level. The words of the keys are so meticulous that souls are always touched, very powerfully.

I do Gene Keys profile session with people and provide guidance through the Activation, the Venus and the Pearl sequence, both individually and in small group settings.

I love to get to know you and walk you through your powerful gifts. x Nynke


Languages Spoken: Nederlands (Dutch), English

Gene Keys Courses: Art of Contemplation, Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, Pearl Sequence, Seven Sacred Seals, Dream Arc

Interests: Birth – Death – Rebirth, I Ching, Soul Plan wisdom, Precision frequency of language