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Oskar Urbanski

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Oskar’s personal philosophy has been comprised mainly of the past three decades based on “Situations, Experiences, Explorations and Discovery”. By nurturing his (SEED), he was able to brake ground and flower into who he is at his core… a “Guide By Your Side”, available to help you plant and nurture your SEED.

Three frequency bands are referred to in the Gene Keys as the Shadow, Gift and Siddhi. Its founder, Richard Rudd has also referred to these three bands as The Seed, Flower and Fruit respectfully. There has also been reference to the fact that the gift is discovered by journeying into and through the depths of the shadow. It’s like an exploration of cleaning ones own house (mind and spirit) mutating the stressors and protective behaviours by discovering they no longer serve a purpose you once thought, giving space for your essence to blossom. In essence, it is nurturing your SEED to allow your unique flower(s) to bloom.

This can also be referred as a Shaman taking their apprentice into the underworld, as a Guide helping the apprentice move through Fear to only recognize it is Grace disguised as fear for reason we continue to discover.

Oskar’s mission is to help you unearth your innate (natural) self, helping you mutate fear into grace by simply being a Guide By Your Side helping you plant (work through) your SEED (Situation, Experiences, Explorations and Discovery) and watch it naturally flower.

Oskar’s transformative journey has taken on the name “Solicious,” derived from Delicious Solace—a safe harbour Richard Rudd continually invites us to embark upon during our personal journey. This concept is beautifully encapsulated in his Solar Plexus description within the glossary:

“It is through the complex ganglia of the solar plexus that our individual, racial, and collective memories (sanskaras) are being transformed. The genetic mutations in our gut will dramatically change our physiology—gradually, human beings are evolving the means to draw and digest higher frequency currents into our bodies.” – Richard Rudd

At the young age of 33 Oskar was enjoying a quiet evening when his life was never the same again. The spirit world paid him an unexpected visit to experience as never experienced before, a vail lifted just long enough to captivate his curiosity sending him on a new unexpected journey towards his dharma while mutating his Karma.

Just two weeks later, Oskar was invited on an indigenous path showing him the ways of its peoples, gifting him with their rituals and ceremonial traditions awakening in him what was waiting to be unfurled.

Years into this journey Oskar stumbled upon the GeneKeys path … the Hologenic path. Oskar found the Gene Keys way to be similar to the way of a Shaman’s way, and decided the Gene Keys path to be Shamanic, at least for him.

To Oskar, the Gene Keys serves as the guiding Shaman that leads its apprentice to the underworld, into the depths of the subconscious, guiding them toward their authentic self, and assisting their SEED to root and break ground, and blooming into its Gifts (flowers), guiding the apprentice to step into the person they are here to be.

To add… Oskar is one of the few caucasians brought to Hopi’s Prophesy Rock, by its elder Grandfather Martin, on the Hopi Reservation in Northern Arizona. This prophesy touches on similarities Richard Rudd speaks of throughout his work… that we have a choice to do the work or not — and if we do, we will be most grateful beyond our present understanding.

Oskar offers practical, down-to-earth guidance in Nature’s Natural Way, demystifying myths that might otherwise seem unattainable.

His services encompass individual sessions, as well as guided sessions spanning a period of time, catering to individuals and professional business organizations alike. These services are available both in-person and through online retreats, offering private deep dives for small groups, or specialized workshops tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, communities, and professional organizations—addressing today’s challenges and concerns in simpler, more accessible ways.

Oskar is also available for podcasts, engaging conversations, interviews, and creative collaborations by request.

Come visit and download your complimentary SEED guide, and begin planting your garden.


Gene Keys Courses: Art of Contemplation, Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, Pearl Sequence, Seven Sacred Seals, Dream Arc, Epiphany Experience

Interests: Business, Coach, Dance, Meditation, Myth, Nature, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Teams, Integrity, Natural, Shaman, Shamanism, Dyslexia