Gene Keys Guide

Pamela Martin

GK Group Healing Conversations, yoga & private retreats

I am Pamela, a dedicated and compassionate individual whose journey through life has taken me on a unique path of healing and self-discovery. With a background as a Registered Nurse, a passion for yoga, and a commitment to the transformative power of Gene Keys, I have found my calling in guiding others on their own paths to wellness, self-realization, and spiritual growth.

Metamorphosis Holistic Consulting:
Under the banner of Metamorphosis Holistic Consulting, I’ve woven together my expertise and passion for holistic well-being. It serves as the container for my work, allowing me to guide individuals towards greater health, authenticity, and purpose. I believe that true transformation comes from within, and I’m dedicated to helping others navigate their own metamorphosis.

Registered Nurse: My journey began in the world of healthcare, where I worked as a Registered Nurse. In this role, I honed my skills in caring for others’ physical well-being. My experiences in healthcare taught me the importance of empathy, compassion, and holistic care.

Yoga Teacher: My love for yoga led me to become a certified yoga teacher. I believe that the practice of yoga is not just about physical postures but also a profound journey of contemplation. Through yoga, I help individuals find balance, mindfulness, and inner peace.

Gene Keys Guide: I am deeply passionate about the Gene Keys. As a Gene Keys guide, I assist individuals in unlocking their unique potential and understanding their life’s purpose on a deep, transformative level. I specialize in facilitating Healing Conversations through the Venus Sequence and the Art of Contemplation Groups, guiding others towards profound self-realization.

As the founder of Healing Waters Retreats, I have created a haven for those seeking profound transformation and inner healing. The retreats are designed to immerse participants in a holistic journey of self-discovery, blending yoga, meditation, gene keys exploration, and energy healing amidst the soothing embrace of nature’s healing waters.

Conclusion: My journey from nursing to yoga, Gene Keys, and Healing Waters Retreats has been a path of self-discovery and dedication to holistic well-being. Through Metamorphosis Holistic Consulting, I aim to inspire and guide individuals towards unlocking their potential and living a life aligned with their true selves. The journey to health, authenticity, and purpose starts from within, and I’m honored to be a guide on this transformative path.


Gene Keys Courses: Art of Contemplation, Venus Sequence

Interests: Family Relations, Healing Waters Retreats