Gene Keys Guide

Pasquale Florio

Dream Arc Enthusiast and Inspirational Movies Scenes

Hello Gene Keys World, my name is Pasquale Florio and I live in Treviso (North East of Italy). I have been exploring the Gene Keys since 2019 and I am a Co-founder of Gene Keys Italia. Member of the M.L.M. team working tirelessly to translate all the Richard’s books and courses in Italian language.
I love to spread this Living Wisdom in my Country and I do playing with Animals Connections and Movies Scenes.

I love to guide small Group of people into the Contemplation of the Gene Keys – using my Gifts to serve the Italian Community.

In my life I have approached many studies and subjects of all kinds, for example high frequency radar and the study of lines and antennas as well as my humanistic studies in international politics and diplomacy.

The gene keys allowed me to have an insight, to connect all the dots- they have opened up in me and I thank Richard Rudd for bringing them to the world.

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