Gene Keys Guide

Paula Hein

Candid, Kind, Integrative, Devoted Guide

There is such beauty in the discovery process of what it means to be me, reconnecting with the one-of-a-kind expression of my own human-ness and embracing it fully.
I have always marveled at are the boundless diverse unique expressions of each individual’s human-ness. What magic in this world!

Hello Courageous, Radiant and Worthy Soul,
My name is Paula and it is a joy to be walking this path with you!
I have twenty five years experience in behavioral science, corporate training/development, coaching and business consulting. In 2019, I experienced a significant shift within me, a sort of surrendering to me. During this time a stream of new concepts, relationships and opportunities flooded into my awareness and life. I enthusiastically and insatiably dove into learning new. I studied, practiced and obtained certification in Emotion Code and Human Design. These modalities led me to the pivotal way of the Gene Keys, beginning with the Art of Contemplation.
The Gene Keys’ gentle approach was the bridge for me to merge the mind with my heart. What I mean by this is through the Golden Path, all of what I was intellectually gathering, organically began to move into my body, into my heart. I knew I was growing when I noticed a calming courage showing up consistently, spontaneously, intrinsically. The courage of self acceptance, self allowance and permission to just be the full expression of me, no matter what.

And, as a fellow soul traveler, I understand how this transforming journey inwards is bumpy, uncertain, and at times, down right messy.

“When you are awakening spiritually, it doesn’t mean it is the end of challenges, they don’t stop. The only difference is you no longer unconsciously transform the challenges of life into unhappiness.” Eckhart Tolle

I discovered that there is no escaping the divine contrast presented in life and that I can have fun using contrast as raw materiel (an instrument, a “key”) for heightening awareness and unlocking and activating the light hidden with in me.
So… Bumpy? Uncertainty? Messy? You bet! And, we can choose to use challenges (contrast) along the way to help open the mind, soften the heart, and calm the body.
And the Gene Keys living transmissions provide a gentle structure for each journeyer. There is also community for support. By gathering with others who are walking the Gene Keys Golden Path, you discover a common language among kindred spirits where unconditional listening is a devoted practice and transparent sharing of unique path adventures sparks personal insights. There are also seasoned Golden Path Travelers, Gene Keys Guides, who are eager to be invited to help you accelerate awareness and deepen your experience.

As a Gene Keys Guide, it is important to me that our connection is co-creative, collaborative and playful. It is in my nature, my passion and devotion to help ‘tease out your spirit” through the provoking questions I ask, pointing you to your own inner knowing.
I help you recognize the possibilities from your own holographic map, with your own compass, as well as provide you with safe space, comforting banks and soft reminders as you navigate through your own road blocks, challenges and breakthroughs.
As a gentle guide, I do not tell, teach or preach. I do empower by example and offer guidance, to those who invite me, in unlocking, embracing and embodying their truth within that is just pining to be expressed in this world.

My Human Design Energy Type is 1/3 Projector with Emotional Authority.
My Activation Sequence (Genius) is 8, 14, 30, 29. Right Angle Cross of Contagion.


Gene Keys Courses: Art of Contemplation, Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, Pearl Sequence, Seven Sacred Seals

Interests: Astrology, Birth – Death – Rebirth, Business, Coach, Family Relations, Human Design, Meditation, Music, Nature, Psychology, Somatic Awareness, Tarot, Sustainable Living, Off-Grid, Qigong, Drums, Emotion Code, Essential Oils, Crystals, Acupressure, Tapping, Predictive Index.