Gene Keys Guide

Raluca Predanu

GK Profile sessions; Health related explorations

Ever since high school I knew that I wanted to study Psychology and after graduating in 2002 I started working as a recruiter at a well requited recruitment agency. I have been the Managing Partner of this recruitment agency since 2009, and if someone were to ask me how 21 years have passed, I would say quickly. Not easy, just fast.

In 2012 I received a serious diagnosis and I was to rapidly understand that conventional medicine would not be able to offer me too many answers. I started looking for solutions, alternative methods, unconventional or unapproved therapies. At that time, going to a traditional Chinese medicine hospital or working with an elite cardiologist who was also a homeopath and who could take me off conventional treatments was not really an ordinary trip.

I don’t think there is any untested remedy left, any method I have not explored, no matter how exotic it sounded. Out of everything I have tried, Biomagnetism gave the fastest and longer lasting results. I would never have thought that magnet therapy would become such a big part of my life. I am the first certified Romanian (level II and Advanced) to practice Biomagnetism in Romania, I am affiliated with the Goiz Duran school in Mexico, the developers of this technique and the only ones in the world qualified to teach this method. Abroad, biogenetics is taught by doctors and practiced in hospitals. I hope it will reach us and be spread widely and that I would like play my part as well!

The conclusion after many of searching is that the disease does not start in the body, it only manifests itself there, and that if you want to get lasting results and spectacular transformations, you must work on the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body as well.

I am part of the Compassionate Inquiry training program developed by Gabor Mate, cohort 2023, dedicated to health professionals –

I am a Gene Keys guide and have been practicing since 2013. Out of all the tools I am using, I would say that it is the most spectacular system of transformation and knowledge, using meditation and contemplation ( It has also been my go to technique when in front of difficulties or the great unknown. Somehow the Gene Keys were the realm where I was able to bring all my knowledge together: body, mind, emotions and spirit, all aware of eachother.

There are many people I would like to thank, especially for appearing in my life at the right time, they know themselves well. For them and for those with whom I will work, the intention with which I set out is to be able to find for each person the most suitable and easiest method of healing, at all levels.