Gene Keys Guide

Robert Kittridge

Searcher of truth in the shadows of fear

From a very young age, Robert knew he did not fit in. He didn’t know why, he just knew. He did not fit in at school, he didn’t have many friends and he really did not fit into his family.

Robert’s family of origin was one of emotional, physical and mental abuse. This caused him to question who he was and what was he was all about.

For most of Robert’s life he was in search of truth, his truth. He was consumed with trying to find THE answer. Robert explored programs, books, classes and coaching. All of these added great value to his life. However, they never really gave him the answer.

All of this changed when Robert choose to look inside for the answers he was seeking outside.

Carl Jung was quoted as saying, “Until we make the unconscious, it will rule our life and we will call it fate.”

Robert was operating from this unconscious state, for most of his life. He repeated the same actions and behaviors over and over and expected different results. We all know what that is called.

In 2019, Robert was introduced to 2 modalities that transformed his quest for his truth, inner truth. Those modalities are Human Design and Gene Keys. Utilizing these has enabled Robert to go inside and discover his truth. These have also reveled many factors for why Robert never felt like he fit in. Robert discovered that he, like each one of us are unique and not designed for this homogenized world.

During Robert’s travels, he found and explored his shadows. From Dissatisfaction, Stress, Inadequacy and the need for Control. Of course hiding in plain sight was the shadow of Dishonesty. He also found a deep genetic wound, that of Rejection.

With any travel, we experience Shadows, And we experience the Gifts. Robert has discovered that his gifts are many, such as Vitality, Restraint and the gift that has made the largest difference, The Gifts of Resourcefulness, Intimacy and Transparency.


What do I do and how do I do it?

I help other understand themselves so they are able to make the behavioral shift with less resistance. This applies to all areas of life. From relationships, to

I have always been a man of service, 30 years in the Fire & Emergency Services. That time gave me numerous, skills in leadership…….

Today I feel I have found my true purpose, serving the forward progress of mankind.