Gene Keys Guide

Roxanne Starnik

Artist, Contemplator, GK Profile sessions

If you are drawn to click here and work with me, I feel you might be looking for a Contemplation Companion.
If you align with being an artist of any degree (or experience discomfort admitting it), find it challenging to mold yourself into the shape that society wants you to, enjoy creating disruption in the sleepiness around you; we’ll likely have a rollicking good time collaborating 🙂
And also, if you are in a rut… perhaps finding yourself on an unsatisfactory loop, I’m a wonderful companion to open space to hear you. Then I muse with you what comes to mind⚚
Much of what may come to mind is heavily influenced through various esoteric & occult
studies, integrations and experiences, 11 years (as of 2024) spent in close relationship with my meditation mentor and of course what brought you here, the Gene Keys!
Collaborating with me will open you to a Mercurial realm of humor, connection, epiphany and lightness. much bless ⚚