Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Sarani Anisoara Cismasu

GK Profile sessions and private retreats

As a true explorer in the mysteries of consciousness, Anişoara searched for Truth and the meaning of life in many places and many teachings. She traveled to distant places in the world and lived many experiences. In 2013 she discovered The Gene Keys and it was love at first side, that kind of love that never fades away. If initially she searched without knowing what she is looking for, in the end she understood that it is not the finality that matters, but the journey itself and the people you meet. Anişoara Cismaşu currently works as a Guide and Mentor in Personal Transformation. She works both in individual sessions and in groups, using in this sense several tools and specializations: Gene Keys, she is also a GKs Ambassador; New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation; Life Integration Process; Familly Constellations; Nes Health.