Gene Keys Guide

Shae Fairleigh

GK Private Profile Sessions, and private retreats

My name is Shae, I’m honoured to be a gene keys guide. I am a Pisces Mystic, who has always been very connected to my dreams and was born connected and aware of my main spirit Guide. I am a yoga teacher since 2012 and energy healer and I have always been very connected to Astrology. In 2013 I started to offer Evolutionary Astrology readings as a service. And I ended up doing private readings as my main service along with yoga teaching and Past life Regressions and Soul Journeys. I had been delving into Human Design in 2018 and my Friend Mark Bentley suggested the Gene Keys to me. I listened to the 55th gene key which is my Lifeswork, followed by the full version of the 55 through the Great Change and I literally dropped to my knees crying. Finally my life was explained. I became a Guide as soon as the Guides program was available and now offer GK private Sessions.