Gene Keys Guide

Shannon Plummer

Gene Key sessions and Transformational Guide

Shannon Plummer has been a student of healing for 25 years as a Licensed Acupuncturist, functional health practitioner, and transformation guide. Her study and love of The Gene Keys was a natural progression into the unique and subtle energies that are often overlooked in a whole-person approach to healing and self-discovery. She is committed to assisting women to trust themselves, unravel old patterns, develop awareness, and create transformation in their bodies and minds to live authentically and truly who they are.

Through her life experience and work with clients, she understands how it is to feel lost and unsure of one’s self in the pilgrimage of life. She has gained valuable insight over these 25 years which allows her to relate fully to those on a similar path.

A part of my story…

In my twenties, I graduated from college and began working in my field of baccalaureate study. I started to feel that something was missing and I was living someone else’s life. At the age of 24, I decided to leave my job and my hometown. I headed to the mountains of northern New Mexico. There I began to study many healing modalities, including how we can transform our shadows into gifts and our insecurities into strengths.