Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Shantamo Kamstra

GK Profile Sessions, Guide for Golden Path and Deltas

Shantamo grew up in the Netherlands and currently lives in Switzerland and Italy. He speaks English, German and Dutch.
After having established himself as a Human Design reader, the Gene Keys came into his life in 2013.
He feels inspired by Richard Rudd’s vision that the information that lies coiled up in our genes can unfold into a much more complete and fulfilling expression of ourselves than we usually are living. His engagement with the Gene Keys community – which everyone can join – is the practical application of the expansion he is discovering within himself. This engagement also expresses itself in his role as a Gene Keys Ambassador.

Shantamo brings his extensive experience in working with people individually and in groups into his Gene Keys work.
More than just a transfer of information (‘I tell you who you are’), his sessions are a transmission of energy. They open new vistas to look at yourself and at life, and offer practical suggestions to bring a higher awareness to your everyday activities.
In his role as a Guide he encourages you to explore the Gene Keys as a journey into your inner world.

The Golden Path and the Seven Sacred Seals are pivotal in his own transformation, which makes him feel a special interest to pass this on. The Delta is an exploration of collective shared intelligence. In Shantamo’s view, the future of humanity lies in this direction.

To awaken the slumbering highest potential – the Siddhi in Gene Keys language -in himself and others is one of the most gratifying parts of his life.
Shantamo is since over ten years married to the woman of his life.