Gene Keys Guide

Stefan Jomphe

Creating space to explore and nurture our nature.

In 2014, I was completly lost even tough I had everything that I was supposed to have in order to be happy. Firefighter job, big house, serious girlfriend, good social life, a dog and financially secure.

Even with all of these things, I felt empty inside,not seen and depressed. After profound recurring dreams, I felt that a higher source was calling me into action and pushing me to let go of all of those securities in order to go on a year of traveling around the world. After six months of preparation, I did.

This was the begining of a brand new chapter and new life and I have not look back since that hard decision. In that year, I decided to let go of any plans and let my intuition guide me on this year long journey. It brought me to Yoga retreats in Thailand, to monastery in Nepal, to walk the Compostella way in Europe, to the Andes in Ecuador for Ayahuasca ceremonies and back home in Canada to go deeper in Shamanic teachings.

And then, in one of those shamanic retreat, I had a wonderful experience that allowed me to pursue my journey. While meditating before a sweat lodge, a nymphe crawled on my chest. At that moment, I didnt know what that particular insect was but what followed was the experience of observing that creature and the transformation of that nymphe into a beautiful dragonfly. The shaman shared with me after that I should look into the meaning of that totem animal which as lead me strangely to the genekeys teaching and Human Design system…

The activation sequence ( the incarnation cross in HD), with only those four spheres was the first time that I could put into words what I had felt all my life.

It was so profound for me that I knew I would work with it in one way of the other… Here I am 8 years later, ready to share, guide and facilitate those teachings with those which I connect.

I have guided a few soul along the way to put in practice those teachings with wonderful results. I’m now ready to expand and to connect with more people.

So if you made all the way here and that you resonate with what I’ve shared, maybe their is something here to explore… If not, I wish you the gift to find someone that you resonate with and that can guide you along the way.

So it is.