Gene Keys Guide

Sue Wagner

GK profile sessions/coaching; The I'Ching, Contemplator

Personal development and understanding the human condition have been my life long curiosity since my 20’s. It has led me to study the collected works of Carl Jung, the I-Ching, and variety of other teachings. I resonate with Christian, Zoroastrian, Sufi, and Buddhist teachings. Persian Poetry of Masters such as Rumi, Hafiz have been my companions since childhood.

Parallel to following my interest in these areas, I completed my formal education culminating in Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology from Stanford University. I then worked in a hi tech company in user interface design.

After retiring from the corporate world, I studied the Diamond Approach and completed its formal teacher training program. But this path was not for me.

After a few years of pause, a GK ambassador friend introduced me to the Gene Keys. Like a magnet I felt an immediate connection. With intense curiosity I committed myself to the online courses until I felt ready to be a guide.

Slowly I started to share with others in one-on one sessions. I continue to encourage my clients to learn on their own via books, online courses and the amazing YouTube videos by Richard.

For me, one of the most important lessons from this work is to take responsibility for all of our experiences — to gently turn our habitual external gaze inward and to look inside our inner landscape for answers. It is also an invitation to see our individual evolution within the larger context of the collective.

I live in Northern California. Love spending time with family and friends. I paint abstract art, walk, play golf, love writing, & enjoy card games.