Gene Keys Guide

I’ve been working with the Gene Keys since 2015. I fell in love with this wisdom and it’s synergistic tying together of so many ancient traditions. Over and over different pieces fall into place revealing the underlying connecting principles. As a 40+ year systems analyst I take a practical approach to recognizing the relationships between internal thinking patterns and outward manifestation. I am continually amazed at the accuracy of the Gene Keys as an aid to pinpoint and uncover hidden patterns.

I have a strong affinity for change and reinventing myself. Through GKs I discovered ‘why’ I can navigate such mutations with ease and excitement. Change is inevitable, but struggling and suffering through it is optional. If your world feels upended, my specialty is assisting you to see the positive side, let go of the old and create new structures to support yourself by uncovering and incorporating your own hidden natural strengths.


Gene Keys Courses: Activation Sequence, Pearl Sequence

Interests: Human Design, Nature