Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Taye Bela Corby

Super charged Self-care in Intimate Relationships

Taye coaches individuals and small groups with a devotional level of self-study, self-discovery, and self-care — processes and healing that leads to to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

The committed client begins to dismantle their pain and connect with their desire.

Both pain and desire at this level of inquiry live in the unconscious.

Countless opportunities reveal themselves from the client’s sharing of their unique stories and experiences. As they practice looking inward before making decisions and before taking action, before doing or saying anything, new possibilities to act emerge.

The client begins to make the connection that whatever turmoil had been blocking the natural flow from the inside out, or the outside in—they themselves have the power to unravel their confusion because they learn to connect to their own source of power,

Taye provides a safe environment where individuals are inspired to go much deeper in the area of their most intimate relationships.

Anyone can learn ways get more in touch with oneself, express emotions and make decisions once they understand the correlations between discovering what is available –after looking inward and taking action upon desired outcomes.

The benefit of living more authentically is to be seen and heard with greater impact. and to make a more positive difference in any endeavor one chooses.