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Thuy Melissa Dao

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A graduate of The University of Iowa as a Master of Piano Performance & Pedagogy and of Łazarski University as a Master of Business Administration, Thuy brings art and practicality into one pot. As a creative at heart, Thuy knows no compromise when it comes to artistic expression. The sky is the limit and no boundaries exist for her in the search of innovative ways to convey the creative potential of human soul. At the same time, her practical side helps to ground the high ideas so they can be useful to the community.

Thuy has wide experience in creating teams that bring innovative approaches to community.

In the years 2011-2019 as a Director of the MindLight Project, Thuy created educational programs that connected Vietnamese immigrant-fully-functioning teenagers to the local Vietnamese visually-impaired children through teaching life-skills, music and English.

Thuy is the precursor of the Polish branch of Positive Discipline, the parent education program that was almost unknown in Poland in 2012 and which now is one the most widely known in the Polish market.

As a Vietnamese Country Leader of Points of You in 2018, Thuy helped bring the innovative Israeli photo-based coaching method to Vietnam.

At the present, Thuy focuses on the project which she named „Multisensory Concerts”. The core of these concerts lies in opening people’s perspectives, perceptions and senses through unusual cross-pollinating of disciplines.