Gene Keys Guide

Trae Ashlie-Garen

Advisor and Mentor for Thriving through Transition

Non-Executive Director; Executive Coach and Mentor; Family Office Facilitator
Licensed Intuitive and Interfaith Reverend / Shaman


– Online Profile Sessions / Private Mentoring
– Study Groups / Group Coaching Sessions
– Embodied Design – Neurodivergence & LGBTQ
– Polymath and Transformational Guide
– Vocation and Culture Guidance
– Human Design – Team Building Flywheel

– Values-Based Collective Decision-Making
– Interaction Agreements
– Collaborative Architecture & Strategy
– Succession & Sunsetting
– Culture-Crafting

⇛> Massively accelerate your own & your teams’ abilities to collaborate
⇛> Access that space that assists you to step outside yourself more consistently
⇛> Bolster what it means to sit effectively & innovatively at the edge of your awareness

How does a “Yes” show up in YOUR system?
WHICH senses rise up?

Do they show up as a “Yes!”; a “Yes…”; or as a “Yes.” ??
The nuances make all the difference to how you rest in your authority.

Unsure how to be, who to be, or where you fit in?
You’re told – “You do you”
(Ya, Right…. ?)

You’re caught in the “push-pull”.…
The “push” from all those things that tug & demand of you, to do better…
And the “pull” of all those “shiny” things that distract you, to do less…
Yet all you sense you want, is a way to be more yourself?

This “push-pull” is luring you away from your true purpose in life – It is a very real First World Problem that is getting in the way of you truly thriving.

It’s the thing that gets in the way of you handling any change, in any environment, and under any circumstance.

Do you want to know how it can be different?

Deep Pattern Recognition requires the ability to “get out of your own way”. To release your own assumptions, ideas & judgements, in order to receive information from other sources.

It means experientially transcending what you thought you knew – about yourself, about others and the world sufficient to entertain fresh possibilities.

⇛ It’s a space where you are no longer be pre-occupied with navigating from what you already know

Gain awareness of the patterns that are operating. Increase your ability to discern from the sea of information available to you. AND do so in the event of ANY change, in ANY situation or under ANY circumstance.

You can access that “cause to pause”. That way of being that assists you to adapt & scale your efforts with depth, breadth & exponential effectiveness.

Not only can you grasp what is unfolding in front of you from an elegantly simple view. You become a translator & a guide for others who are seeking the same.

Access these states of response-ably so that more of us can BE in uncertainty together; with more longevity, and with greater frequency.

Have I sparked your interest?