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Share the following URL with your network. It is a landing page that provides clear instructions in how to sign up, as well as FAQS. If you have signed up to become an affiliate, and you are logged in, you will see that your Affiliate ID has been added into the link below. Purchases made through this unique link and referral ID will be attributed to your account.

Don’t see an affiliate link? Email and ask our friendly support team to get your account setup as a Dream Arc affiliate. Be sure to login and refresh this page once you have been given your affiliate account.

What is an Affiliate Sale?

Anytime someone uses your special Affiliate Link, and purchases something from the online shop, you will earn a 30% commission on the total purchase.

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Affiliate Resources for the Dream Arc

To help you share about the Dream Arc course, we’ve provided a collection of images, text descriptions, helpful links, and other supportive assets to help you market the course to your extended network.

In addition to these resources, we will continue to upload more imagery and marketing assets, as well as helpful guidelines and FAQ, in the weeks to come.

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Dream Arc Affiliate FAQ