Dearest Dream Arc Wisdom Keepers and Contributors,

A warm Thank You to all of you who were able to join us on the 21st for our very first Contributors-Only Gathering. What a heart-warming and deeply inspiring gathering it was! May our magical meeting mark the beginning of countless future creative collaborations.

We’re happy to report that we’ve already received all sorts of wonderful feedback and exciting ideas from many of you, for which we’re grateful and excited to explore in greater depth over time.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it to the gathering, we felt you with us in our hearts. We look forward to finding ways to continue nourishing our connection and growing this amazing community of which you’re an essential part.

This special page is here for all of you, whether you were able to participate in the call LIVE, or not. 

Below you’ll find:

  • A Replay to the Call
  • A message from Plover (the bird who oracularly came to bless our Contributor family)
  • Two Helpful Video Resources for You (a Tour of the Course & Your Affiliate Resources)
  • Messages, Announcements & Invitations from Some of You, our Cherished Wisdom Keepers & Contributors
  • A Request for your Feedback
  • Some Helpful Links

Please scroll down at your leisure. Explore and enjoy.

Watch the Replay from our Gathering

If you missed the gathering, you missed part of it, or you’d like to re-visit the experience because it was so lovely, here’s a replay for you. We’ve transcribed the sharings of two of our cherished Wisdom Keepers (Samson Turinawe and Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta), to make sure that every drop of their wisdom is received.

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Message from the Plover

During our gathering, we consulted the Dream Arc Oracle, asking for a creature to bless ‘all our Dream Arc relations’ and the many beautiful collaborations to come

Here is a message from The Plover – the Bird / Vision Key who responded to our call.

(The full message from Plover can be found inside the Dream Arc Animal Codex, inside of the course.)

“I am the Plover, a favourite of your wise ones or shamans. I am a messenger bird, and I bring you into ritual. Since I am here, you must now create your own ritual. You will need to follow your intuition in this – you will go out and gather power objects from nature. I will show them to you. Then you will construct a place for the ritual, based on traditional principles, marking the directions, spirits, and ancestors of the place. You will create a circle, and then you will step into that circle and remain there in stillness, for some marked period including a full night. This is your vision quest. You will do this alone, for I can only speak to you in your aloneness. Invoke my mystic cry in your heart and call out for the high spirits to visit you in the night. In your bloodlines lie the benevolent spirits of your ancestors and their shamans. These beings will support you and hold a space of protection around you so that I can pierce your heart with my wild, ecstatic cry. Let the lifetimes you have lived slip away to reveal a core message or truth at the centre of your being. In your stillness I will then show you the place of fearlessness that this message brings with it. This will be a powerful memory for you that may change the course of your life. Consider these things carefully therefore. Prepare well, find the right time, and I will assist you in every step of your mission. Be well, Oh brave soul! “

~ Richard Rudd

Some Helpful Video Resources for You!

Below you’ll find two videos we lovingly created just for you. They are included in the Replay above, but if you’d like to go straight to one or both of them, this is an easy way to do it. 

This first video will give you a Contributors-Oriented Tour of the Dream Arc. Whether you’ve been inside the Dream Arc online course or not, you’ll likely enjoy this little tour, and you just might see yourself in it! 

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This second video shows you all of the Resources we’ve made available to our Contributors and Affiliates, and how you can access and use them. It’s packed with good info, so feel free to pause the video whenever you want to take a note or copy a link.

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Messages, Announcements & Invitations

An Invitation by Grandmother SaSa - Wisdom Keeper

October 1st, 2022

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The Medicine Hoop of Life Ceremony was given to Grandmother SaSa by her teacher, Grandmother Nakai Breen.

The prayer can be found here:

Message from Mbali Marais - Wisdom Keeper

During our gathering, Mbali’s sharing was cut off because she was in the middle of a power outage. She generously offered to share the essence of her message with us in writing, so that we could share it with all of you here. Thank you, Mbali!

The Time of the Lone Wolf is Over


“Thank you to the Dream Arc and for holding this important container where we can dive into the magic of other worlds. Richard, thank you for reminding us about the voices of the ancestors, without whom we would not be here. 

We carry their breath, blood and bones. Maybe at this time, the way is to descend into the the wisdom we carry from our ancestral legacies. It is a time to activate their successes and learn from their failures. 

Dog and the related families — Wolf, Coyote and Fox — have been speaking about their protection and loyalty at this time. They are here to let us know that they will protect us as we descend to bring our wisdom gifts and talents to the earth plane, and share them with our communities. 

And yes, the time of the Lone Wolf is over….. in as much as now we also move in the packs of communities that thrive when we all bring our gifts into the world. These animals help us to extend the reach and power of our medicine to be effective, and they protect us while we do it. Loyalty and Integrity are thicker than blood.”


~ Antonia Mbali Marais
Founder/ Director – Return To Origin

Beautiful Feedback from Wave Walker - Wisdom Keeper

(…written by Gwen Gagne, a dear friend of Wave Walker’s and one of our valued Dream Arc partners)

Wave Walker 7

“(The Contributor Call) was profound for Wave Walker. After Grandmother Sasa spoke, he said to me ‘We walk the same path’. I was teary, as her message was so powerful and pure. 

We had tea after the gathering and Wave Walker said to me, ‘I’ve been fairly reclusive most of my life, and felt that others didn’t ‘get’ me. With all of these people, I felt completely at home.’ 

At 95 years old, he felt as though he had found his tribe.”

Invitation from Grandmother Flordemayo - Wisdom Keeper

Grandmother Flordemayo was not able to attend our gathering. But lucky for us, she has a wonderful invitation to extend! 

On October 9th, she’ll be holding an Astrology, Full Moon & Wisdom Circle, at noon MST (6:00PM UTC).

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Grandmother Flordemayo, joining this Circle will be a wonderful way to learn more about her and the inspiring work she is doing in the world. 

Message from Spider
by David Wodkte - Contributor

“I am Spider. You may think of me as Grandmother. I love my Children, my Children’s Children and all Children of Creation as my Own. That is because I see in each of You a Golden Child connected to me by a thread of pure loving love. I am Infinite, I am One, but I wanted to be many. So I gave birth to a multitude of forms. I am always with you in the Core Heart at the center of your being.”

Creative Invitation from Shane Fike - Contributor

During our gathering, Shane extended an invitation to submit your stories, art, or written articles of your Dream Arc experiences to the registered charity He would love to feature you, your work, and to share the Dream Arc with the world. 

The funds raised by the charity are used to purchase The Dream Arc courses (and other Gene Keys resources) to give to those in need. 

Feel free to email Shane directly for inquiries at:

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A "See You Soon" from The Rhino!
The being who brings all Dream Arc voyagers
the lesson of Gentle Perseverance...

Image shared by Mbali Marais


With gratitude and many blessings from Richard, Rosy, Sally, Elijah and the Plover!