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Venus Dialogue with Richard & Tanmayo

Using your relationships as a path to higher consciousness

October 7th at 19:00 UTC – Free on YoutubeLive

Leading into their epic 6-month Virtual Retreat beginning next month, Tanmayo Lawson and Richard Rudd discuss the Venus Sequence, a unique Profile based on the Gene Keys, which describes with stunning accuracy the exact genetic patterns of conditioning that are laid down in the early years of your life. Few spiritual teachings focus entirely on our relationships, but the prime purpose of the Venus Sequence is to help any individual or couple understand and navigate the more challenging regions of their emotional dynamics, thereby releasing the huge current of unconditional love that lies buried inside each of us. In this first of several dialogues leading up to the Virtual Venus Retreat, Richard and Tanmayo lay out the 6 essential patterns that maintain all suffering in our relationships. Come and find out how this incredible teaching can impact your life and relationships in unimaginable ways!