2024: The Year Ahead

A special message from Richard Rudd

New Features

New to the Gene Keys Journey

Member Dashboard

Aspirations for 2024

A sneak peek at our upcoming project goals

The Star Pearl

New online course & book featuring part 4 of the Golden Path: Harmony

Online Retreat Centre

Journey with our global community with year-round online events

Syntropy Hub

Expansion of Gene Keys sponsored Philanthropic Projects

The Dream Arc: Power of the Pod

Monthly newsletter and ongoing Dream Pod events

Improved Profiler & Living Library

Updated resource library and new ways to explore the Synthesis

Translated Courses & Language Resources

Growing with our trusted translation partners and language hubs.

Dare to be Divine

Updated course design & resources including the Siddha Palm Mudras

Books & Card Decks

Quality printing & new exciting decks including the Dream Arc Oracle Deck

Codes of Chemistry

Exploring multiple profiles together for relationships & collaborations

Event Schedule 2024

Activation Sequence Online Retreat

February - June 2024

Hosted by Mark, Maria, & Anabel

Pearl Sequence Online Retreat

April - July 2024

Hosted by Elijah & Tanmayo

Dream Arc Online Retreat

July - October 2024

Hosted by Rosy & Matthew

Special Online Event with Richard Rudd

In Development for 2024

Collective Delta Flights

In Development for 2024

Venus Sequence Online Retreat

November 2024 - April 2025

In-Person Retreat with Richard Rudd

Live at the Gaia Sphere - Colorado, USA

Recurring Open Calls

Free online events on Zoom & Clubhouse

Thank you to our entire community, we look forward to connecting again in 2024