Meet your Hosts

Tanmayo Lawson

Tanmayo Lawson is a long-time student and teacher of the Gene Keys. An embodiment of many lineages, she has the rare gift of penetrating to the core of any issue. Her wise counsel and vast heart anchors these teachings deep into the body, the emotions and our everyday lives. She is an integral member of the Gene Keys core team, leading retreats and inspiring people through her embodied presence and wonderful sense of humour.

Sally Middleton

A core member of the Gene Keys business team, Sally is co-designer of programme and business development, as well as overseeing all our major events. With her creative flair and empathic relational skills, Sally also supports development in the Ambassador Circle, Guides Programme and many other aspects of the Gene Keys. She is particularly adept at translating the higher teachings of the Gene Keys into the everyday language of relationships and business.

Elijah Parker

Gifted from a young age with spiritual wisdom far beyond his years, Elijah has dedicated the last decade to integrating the language of the Gene Keys deeply into his life. This has given him a unique ability to transmit profound truths in a spontaneous and elegant manner. A core member of the Gene Keys business team, Elijah is a master of both left and right brain modalities, using his wide range of technical skills, including video editing, animation, music, and web design to help create learning systems, virtual retreats, and expressive art.

Richard Rudd

Founder of the Gene Keys, Richard experienced a state of spiritual illumination in his twenties, in which he was shown a great tapestry of interrelated truths. Since that time, he has continued to bring these various streams of wisdom into the world in the form of programmes, retreats, teachings, writings and spoken transmissions. Every step of Richard’s journey has included the formation of creative relationships. His great love is working together with others in service of the higher vision of the Gene Keys.