Thank you Team 64

Dearest Talented Team 64,

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love, skillfulness, patience and creativity that you’ve poured into the Dream Arc thus far, and for all of the ways that you’re helping to prepare and launch this intuitive, imaginative and international movement into the world.

You probably know more than anyone what an enormous project the Dream Arc online course has turned out to be. Much bigger, more wonderful (and more work-intensive) than any of us could have imagined!

This is why we’re extremely pleased to announce that we now have an official launch date: May 3rd

We are looking at this as a ‘soft’ launch – a chance for our Gene Keys community members, as well as people from Rosy’s and our contributors’ communities to dive into the Dream Arc journey, explore what’s there and bring the Forums to life with their own stories, creativity and experiences.

Then, in June (likely around the Solstice), we’ll be kicking off an even bigger launch — designed to be enjoyed across the globe.

You will receive a follow up email with instructions and a coupon code for your free access to the Dream Arc course. This will be sent out to you via our system during the first few days of our course opening. If you do not receive a notification by May 7th, please send an email to and our amazing support team will follow up with you.

As soon as you receive your coupon code, you’ll be free to go in, poke around… or catapult yourself into a life-changing, completely unique, creative, connecting and inspiring adventure!

As an important member of Team 64, and in alignment with our commitment to Synarchy and Syntropy, we would love your feedback as you navigate the course. The Dream Arc will undoubtedly evolve over time, so your feedback will be greatly appreciated — whether you share positive reflections, possible improvements or you spot a little bug!

Submit Feedback –

We have a feeling that you’ll get a much deeper sense of the potential of this project, its amazing Wisdom Keepers and creative contributors from all over the world, by diving in yourself. The Dream Arc is very hard to describe. It’s meant to be experienced.

Even if a full-on Dream Arc journey isn’t for you at this time, we encourage you to explore the course anyway. Click on a button or two, watch a couple of videos, check out one of our amazing Wisdom Keepers, try out an Oracle (Hint: We actually have a Dog Oracle in the Unifier section!), peruse the artwork, listen to some music, and join some of the Forum Feeds.

If you resonate with what you see, please share about the Dream Arc with your friends and communities. With your help, we can make the Dream Arc an irresistible, empowering and magical ‘Play-demic’ — one which will not only connect more and more people to themselves, each other, the animal king/queendom and all of nature, but to the Gene Keys too….

Share the Dream Arc with others

Our May 3rd launch will be the initial opening for the online course. Over the coming months we will be extending invitations to the Dream Arc far and wide, and we hope you will join us as we build the energy and momentum towards the big event in June.

The easiest way to share about the Dream Arc will be to send them to where they can learn more about the Dream Arc project and how to register.

When you do share about the Dream Arc with others, we ask that you let people know that we’ll be hosting a big free event in June, where they can learn more about this unusual course and experience some of its richness. We also plan to offer LIVE Community Calls in the months to come, so keep an eye out for future announcements.

The Dream Arc journey has just begun!

With love, excitement and deep gratitude for each of you,

Rosy, Richard, Sally, Elijah (and all of the soon-to-be Dream Arc journeyers who wouldn’t be having such an amazing experience without you)