Into the Mystic

Recorded live at Boulder Theater - May 14, 2023

Recorded live at Boulder Theater
May 14, 2023

Pour yourself a soothing cup of tea and come imbibe the mysteries of The Gene Keys…

Tea Time with Richard

Mystical Stories

Mudras & Meditations

What you will discover...

  • The mystical origins of The Gene Keys
  • Karmic Legacy and the Rebirth Sequence
  • The Coming of the Ecstatics through the Venus Sequence
  • Entering the magical realms of the Dream Arc
  • Oracular explorations of the Gene Keys Synthesis
  • Building a mystical culture together

Relive the magic of this live theatrical event

A wonderful, experiential introduction to the mystery of The Gene Keys, ‘Into the Mystic’ is a day-long immersion with Gene Keys founder and author Richard Rudd. Held live in May, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado, this is an inspiring journey into the mystical essence of the Gene Keys Synthesis. This special package has been specially edited and arranged, keeping the ‘up-close and personal feel ‘of the original for you to enjoy at home or with friends. We have also added in various links and layers to deepen your journey.

This is a great introduction to The Gene Keys for newcomers and also has a broad depth of appeal for experienced journeyers.

The layers of wisdom unveiled in this one day quite simply blew my heart and mind into orbit!

Ready to dive Into the Mystic?

Ready to dive
Into the Mystic?

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This package includes video replay of the live event, edited into 5 sections (approximately 5 hours total) as well as a library of wormhole resources including slides, meditations and links to recommended contemplations woven into the video series.