The 64 Ways (Audio Collection)

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The 64 Ways are potent oral transmissions of each Gene Key recorded by Richard Rudd. Offering a different perspective from the Gene Keys book, these audios are spoken in a simple, contemplative style and blend practical advice drawn from Richard’s life, as well as poetic insight and gentle humour to probe the depths and dilemmas of the Gene Keys.

This purchase includes the entire collection of 64 audio files for stream & download.

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I purchased the audio package of The 64 Ways a year ago and was pleasantly surprised to find them to be a unique, fresh look at each Gene Key that is truly complementary to the book version. I find I have a much deeper contemplative experience with the audios, as I can close my eyes and simply be in the flow of Richard’s sharing.  I never get tired of hearing them as repeated listening brings ever-deepening insight and awareness. The 64 Ways are an invaluable tool that supports my ongoing spiritual process and I highly recommend purchasing the entire series, if you are able.


I am totally smitten with your aesthetic and beautiful language and pronunciation in your audios – they are very helpful. Listening to it, my wife gets warm hands, a relaxed neck and inner silence.

Franz Stark MD