Genius – a guide to your Activation Sequence

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Here you can find a printed version of the Activation Sequence teachings included in Part 1 of the Golden Path program. This book begins your journey into your Hologenetic Profile, offering a step by step guide to your Activation Sequence. Made up of your 4 Prime Gifts, this offers a fascinating exploration of the true purpose of your life. Used in combination with the Gene Keys book, your Activation Sequence shows you how to unlock your highest genius by embracing your deepest challenges. This book explains all the key elements of your Activation Sequence – the Spheres, Pathways and line keynotes, showing you how to apply their insights practically to your everyday life.

Important Note: these writings are embedded in the Activation Sequence online course. This book is an optional purchase for those who prefer to have a physical copy of these teachings.

Available in hardback & Kindle

After now completing the Activation Sequence, I must say that the program has caused a new level of understanding. The “slow” way the program is built up, combining the understanding of the Activation sequence as such with the understanding of Gene Keys relevant to each step, has inevitably led to a revelation of new insight. Your use of text, audio and video has just been great! And the explanation of the line numbers to each of the Gene Keys has been extremely clarifying.  

The impact on my daily life has been immediate. In particular, I have gained a brand new understanding of how to apply the breakthrough part.

I’m deeply grateful to you, Richard, sharing this wisdom in the way you do.


This course has set me on fire.  It continues to be illuminating and I look forward to continued engagement, enjoying the adventure and the challenge.

I feel I am living in an expanding, magical world through these contemplations.