Golden Path 1 – Activation Sequence


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Discovering your Genius

Part 1 of The Golden Path Program

This online program is a step-by-step guide through your Hologenetic Profile. Part 1 highlights your four Prime Gifts, the cornerstones of your particular Genius, representing the mythic themes and challenges of your life. The path through your Prime Gifts supports you to fulfill your life’s Purpose while remaining deeply grounded in the Core Stability of your physical body. Part 1 is laid out in 10 steps.

You will get access to these digital resources:

  • Step by Step Contemplative Guide
  • Audios of the 4 Gene Keys relating to your Genius (from the 64 Ways collection)
  • 9 webinars and transcriptions, with optional .mp3 downloads for offline study
  • The Activation Sequence eBook
  • Interactive Hologenetic Profile and unique information directly related to Your Prime Gifts

Click Here to explore Step 1 of the Golden Path – a free introduction including video and audio. 

This is the best synthesis of systems and occult knowledge I have ever encountered. Its truth resonates deeply. The Golden Path, now offered by Rudd provides a systematic process for contemplating and integrating the Keys.


This is the most profound material I have ever come across. Take The Golden Path journey through the Gene Keys transmissions toward transformation. It’s an amazing gift to humanity and a real solid way to awaken into higher consciousness.



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