Love – a guide to your Venus Sequence

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Here you can find a printed version of the Venus Sequence teachings included in Part 2 of the Golden Path program. A truly breathtaking journey into the patterns of imprinting laid down in our childhood, this book explains the reasons why we seek love and gives us the means to find it again inside ourselves. The Venus Sequence is a tender journey that will utterly transform all your relationships. This book explains the key elements of your Venus Sequence – the Spheres, Pathways and line keynotes, showing you how to apply their insights practically to your everyday life. A truly extraordinary and life-changing book.

Important Note: these writings are embedded in the Venus Sequence online course. This book is an optional purchase for those who prefer to have a physical copy of these teachings.

Available in hardback & Kindle

This book is perhaps even more powerful in a sense than the entire gene keys. The way it helps me is by giving me a miraculous ability to keep my heart open in intense situations.


We’d both like to extend our deepest gratitude for the Venus Sequence. We have been on one hell of a transformational journey, and the Venus Sequence has been our back bone, the magic it brings in resolving emotional/relationship tension is absolutely incredible. It offers the PERFECT framework for owning ones own side in the “dramas” and all the material necessary to process it efficiently and with as little fallout out as possible. We feel we have moved through 20 years of a “normal” relationship evolution in 3 moons. I have never connected so deeply to another before. So again… I know I say it a lot… but THANK YOU