Prosperity – a guide to your Pearl Sequence

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Here you can find a printed version of the Pearl Sequence teachings included in Part 3 of the Golden Path program. Guiding you into the Pearl Sequence in your Hologenetic Profile, you will learn about your core vocation and how you best work together with others to manifest your highest destiny. In our modern time-obsessed world, this book offers a breath of fresh air, showing you how to create good fortune simply from being yourself. It also brings the whole Golden Path to a glittering crescendo, with many profound insights about the nature of reality. This book explains the key elements of your Pearl Sequence – the Spheres, Pathways and line keynotes, showing you how to apply their insights practically to your everyday life.

Important Note: these writings are embedded in the Pearl Sequence online course. This book is an optional purchase for those who prefer to have a physical copy of these teachings.

Available in hardback & Kindle.