November 5th – 11th 2023

Gene Key 1


Entropy – Freshness – Beauty

This week we contemplate Gene Key 1 – the source of creativity itself. Breathe deeply this week and whatever your challenges, start viewing them in a creative light.

This audio is no longer available to stream. Click below to purchase, or listen to the latest free audio contemplation in the current Pulse.

Transforming Depression

Richard Rudd shares a simple insight for anyone who suffers from depression. Looking deeply into nature as a source of light, he invites us to fan the flames of this light on a daily basis, deep within our being. By then following even the smallest creative impulses that arise, we can release this light into our lives and begin a steady transformation back towards wholeness.

Into the Mystic

Recorded live at Boulder Theater, Colorado

We are delighted to announce the new Into the Mystic ‘digital replay experience’, recorded live in Boulder Theater in May 2023 – which is a wonderful, inspiring journey into the mystical essence of the Gene Keys Synthesis. Edited and arranged to keep the ‘up-close and personal’ feel of the original event, this special package is for people to enjoy at home or with friends.

What you will discover…

  • The Mystical Origins of the Gene Keys
  • Karmic Legacy and the Rebirth Sequence
  • The Coming of the Ecstatics through the Venus Sequence
  • Entering the magical realms of the Dream Arc
  • Oracular explorations of the Gene Keys Synthesis
  • Building a mystical culture together

So pour a soothing cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and imbibe the mysteries of the Gene Keys…

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