December 20th – 25th 2023

Gene Key 10


Self-Obsession – Naturalness – Being

This week we enter into the portal of the Solstice through Gene Key 10 – the wonder of pure Being. Can you spend some time this week just hanging out in the lazy simplicity of your pure Being?

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Transforming Worry into Ease

In this beautiful sharing, Richard Rudd invites us to to transform the habit of worrying by swapping it for the habit of ease. Radical, simple and transformational for anyone and everyone. You can use this brief talk as a potent turning point in your life, to begin making decisions in a new and easier way.

New to the Gene Keys

Updated Experiential Mini-Course

If you’re new to the Gene Keys, come and be illuminated! Visit our updated newcomers’ portal and check out our free amazing mini-course, ‘New to the Gene Keys’.

The Gene Keys can sometimes feel overwhelming for newcomers. This is why we have designed this free course to give people a taste of the Gene Keys through a gentle introduction to their profile, with an empowering experiential twist.

Is this New to the Gene Keys course different?

Yes, it has been updated from our previous introductory course. It now includes a ‘teaser’ of three of the Gene Keys from your own unique Hologenetic Profile – the Spheres of Purpose, SQ and Culture, also known as the Doors to Purpose, Love and Prosperity.

Come and try it out for yourself!

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