February 2nd – 8th 2024

Gene Key 13


Discord – Discernment – Empathy

This week we travel through Gene Key 13 – the field of Empathy. Empathy is about listening deeply to others, to ourselves and to the world around us. Breathe deeply and spend some time listening and pausing this week…

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New to the Gene Keys Open Call

You are invited to join Jesse Chesnutt and his special guest Richard Rudd on February 8th at 4pm UTC. These new, regular calls will explore the simple and profound wisdom at the heart of the Gene Keys.

Richard Rudd on Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin

In this epic podcast, celebrated music producer Rick Rubin interviews Richard Rudd, mystic and founder of the Gene Keys. Richard tells the story of how the Gene Keys came to be, including his time spent with Human Design founder Ra Uru Hu. He discusses his own spiritual revelation, how he wrote The Gene Keys, the nature of contemplation and how to use the Keys in your own life. The interview includes a tea ceremony where they drink a 90–year-old tea, and Richard explores the power of tea drinking as a contemplative spiritual path. The interview concludes with a profound discussion about the Great Change, the current time of planetary transformation, seen from a higher perspective.

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