June 20th – 25th 2023

Gene Key 15


Dullness – Magnetism – Florescence

This week we meet Gene Key 15, Florescence. This is about hitting the peak of abundance. Focus this week on what is positive in your life and just for a time, stop worrying about all the problems. This is how we grow in even more abundance.

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How to See Beyond Fear and Find Wisdom

This is a conversation rooted in mysticism, radical honesty, and consciousness, with reminders of the importance of self-awareness, meditation, studying, intimacy, transition planning, and keeping your faith as we move towards our next evolution.

Transforming Numbness

Drawing on a traumatic emotional period in his childhood, Richard shows how easy it is to get used to feeling emotionally numb, and how to transform this very common pattern. He begins with the idea that numbness is not a lack of feeling, but instead a reaction to feeling too much. Giving us a beautiful technique that anyone can do, he leads us gently out of numbness and into a state of loving trust. This is a sweet and simple sharing rooted in personal experience and deep compassion.

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