May 27th – June 1st 2023

Gene Key 16


Indifference – Versatility – Mastery

This week Gene Key 16 invites us to stretch into some new area. Be awake for when your invitation arrives, and don’t hesitate when it does. A great week to break out of an old indifferent pattern and launch yourself into the versatility of your soul.

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Seven Myths About Money

The Difference Between Wealth and Prosperity – One of the clearest descriptions you may ever read concerning what prosperity is and how to attain it. Richard Rudd distils some eternal truths about the difference between wealth and prosperity. Practical and perhaps even life-changing, these insights may change the way you see the world!

Spirituality and Mistakes

A probing, contemplative journey into the whole notion of sin and the shadow, as well as our redemption through self-acceptance and forgiveness. With great subtlety and clarity of mind, Richard Rudd here explores the core metaphysical concepts that can trap us in any number of world-views. An incisive and liberating contemplation.

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