May 20th – 26th 2024

Gene Key 20


Superficiality – Self Assurance – Presence

This week we explore Gene Key 20. Bring attention this week to your breath. Pause and breathe 3 deep breaths as often as you remember to. Presence is all about how deeply and rhythmically we are breathing.

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It’s a good thing to reflect at the end of the day and see how present you were in total during that day. How many moments of presence did you have in comparison to the moments of absence? It’s not a competition. There is no judgement. This is simply about seeing what is.

The 64 Ways, Richard Rudd

Tea Day Celebration

Tuesday, May 21st at 16:00 UTC

Join Richard Rudd and his fellow tea friends to celebrate International Tea Day. Bring a cup of your favourite tea and enjoy a moment of presence together. 

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The Triple Flame App

The Triple Flame’s pausing technique involves pausing for 3 minutes every 3 hours. Regular but short pausing will infuse your busy day with contemplative moments, which can be enormously enriching. Contemplate alongside others all around the world, and deepen your joy into the silence and beauty that we often miss in our busy lives.

Transforming Self-Pretence

Transforming Self-Pretence

In this powerful transmission, Richard Rudd invites us to try a brave experiment in self-observation – to root out the subtlest layers of ego that would have us believe that we are free, when in fact we are deluding ourselves. Peeling back the layers of nuance that lie in particular around spirituality, he invites us to cultivate a contemplative state where anything is possible. This opens up a field of natural freedom, which comes pouring through us.

Access the recording Into the Mystic, a day-long immersion with Gene Keys founder and author Richard Rudd, and The Art of Contemplation, an online course designed to be a simple introduction to the technique at the core of the Gene Keys.

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