March 7th – 12th 2024

Gene Key 22


Dishonour – Graciousness – Grace

This week we meet Gene Key 22, whose highest purpose is to transform Dishonour into Grace. Where have you dishonoured yourself? Be gracious to yourself and others this week. Instead of shedding negativity, offer healing. Vast Grace is possible in this week, if you can just reach out and claim it.

Graciousness isn’t just politeness or courtesy, although it may contain both of these qualities. It’s a whole cocktail of noble qualities. It’s also very refined and often very subtle. It’s an attitude carried in our aura, and it’s rooted in a deep reverence for all life.

The 64 Ways, Richard Rudd

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The Seven Days of Grace

A Free Transformational Course

This mini-course is for anyone who wants to connect to a sense of higher meaning and to witness more Grace in their lives through gentle, daily practices. Across seven days, for up to 45 minutes a day, Richard Rudd guides us through a series of beautifully crafted meditations, rituals and reflections, with the intent of becoming more connected with ourselves and the Divine.

Resetting the Metrics of Your Success

New Video from Richard Rudd

In this insightful video, Richard Rudd invites us into the powerful Gene Keys teaching of the Pearl Sequence – an individualised matrix of success in life. Describing the six lines of the Sphere of the Pearl itself, he shows how prosperity is designed to come into your life, not necessarily as money, but as different types of inner fulfilment. Depending on which of the six lines you have in your sequence, you can then adapt your inner expectation around what true success means for you. This can be a deeply liberating revelation and may even change the course of your life. How might you reset the metric of what success means for you in this life?

Join Richard, Tanmayo and Elijah live on YouTube as we dive into the Pearl Sequence and discover how our core wound is connected to our true vocation.

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