March 8th – 12th 2023

Gene Key 22


Dishonor – Graciousness – Grace

This week we meet Gene Key 22, whose highest purpose is to transform Dishonour into Grace. Where have you dishonoured yourself? Be gracious to yourself and others this week. Instead of shedding negativity, offer healing. Vast Grace is possible in this week, if you can just reach out and claim it.

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Into The Mystic

Exploring the magical roots of the Universe

This is the first live, in-person event Richard Rudd has held for the Gene Keys community in several years. We hope you can join us and the Gene Keys community in beautiful Colorado on May 14. Mark your calendars now! Full details to follow shortly.

In Memory of Ankya Klay

Our beloved Ankya has made her transition and has crossed the veil into the next world. As an Ambassador and Guide, Ankya was passionate about the Gene Keys, participating in most live programs and events. Her life was filled with art and creativity. She was a healer to many. Thank you Ankya for being a living inspiration for us all.

Prayer of Transition

By Richard Rudd

Deep spirit of the eternal waters
Lord and Lady of Life and Death
We offer homage to you in this time of intense change
We bow to the great mystery of this unfolding
And breathe a deep sigh, yielding at last
To the sweet inevitability of Grace.
May we enter the gate with our hearts open.
May we softly release the past
And open fully into the glory of your light.
May all who are caught up in this change
find the easy path to their highest good.
Great and ancient Grandmother of the Earth
We convey ourselves into your gentle arms.
Great, bright Lord of the blueing Sky
We release our soul to your boundless winds.
May all beings be blessed
May all beings be blessed
as together we journey out of the darkness,
And like the leaping salmon
May each of us return
To the exquisite and inextinguishable
Flame of our Source.

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