March 18th – 24th 2024

Gene Key 25


Constriction – Acceptance – Universal Love

This week we meet Gene Key 25, the Key of deep Acceptance. How deeply can you accept your lot? Acceptance is the pathway towards unconditional love, the highest essence of this Gene Key. This week look out for the Shadow of Constriction in your life. Open up your breathing. Contemplate the beauty of breath and breathe into anything that feels contracted. This will help open your heart.

Most of us think of love as a personal connection between people or between us and something outside us. The feeling of love bridges that distance bringing us closer into unison. Universal Love lies in another dimensional field. It’s the connective tissue that holds together everything.

The 64 Ways, Richard Rudd


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The Love Letter

I cannot tell you the words, for they are not for you to hear. You must find your own words, as every person must. You must dive into the emerald waters of your own silent pool, and there you must find the golden love letter that awaits you, dropped across the path to your heart. And there you must compose your letter and fall in love with your dream, and hardest of all, you must forever let it go…

Hear about Richard’s encounter with the Love Letter of Lithia Park…

From the Heart of the Transmission

New Insights from my Pearl Sequence

In this very personal update, Richard speaks of the transitions and challenges involved in bringing the Gene Keys teachings into a modern-day business, merging spiritual principles with complex relational and materialistic concerns. A key insight is that every founder or creator has to learn to take full accountability for any dissonance that appears in the system they have created. In the light of this, he also shares a personal discovery he has made in regard to his own childhood wounding and how it has showed up in his relationship to money. Relating these insights to the six lines of the Pearl teaching around prosperity, Richard establishes and models the authenticity of the Gene Keys in action.


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