April 17th – 21st 2023

Gene Key 3


Chaos – Innovation – Innocence

This week we contemplate Gene Key 3. This is about seeing life through the eyes of a child. This is also a great week to start something new, but do so with deep patience, as beginnings can bring their own challenges.

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The Wisdom Keepers

The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck and Books, written by Creative Partner Rosy Aronson Ph.d., are empowering tools of self-acceptance and understanding. They offer us a playful way to embrace our shadows with love, face adversity with courage and uncover the gifts that only we can bring to the world.

The 64 Faces of Awakening are deeply connected to Richard Rudd’s visionary book the Gene Keys, and are incarnations of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, and the archetypal themes at the foundation of our universe. 

Contemplating Reincarnation – Part 3

In this final part of their riveting dialogue, Richard and Chris ask some of the deepest questions of their discussion: Where is reincarnation taking humanity? What might the deep future look like? How can we best understand the current challenges our species is facing? Subjects discussed include: The difference between knowledge and wisdom, the nature of revelation, the current world crisis as a birth event, the transmutation of collective karma, the hidden capacities (siddhis) in our DNA, the birth of the future human, the transcendence of fear and the end of suffering.

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