November 22nd – 28th 2023

Gene Key 34


Force – Strength – Majesty

This week we contemplate Gene Key 34 – majesty in movement. If you are trying to force something, let it go. True inner strength arises through effortlessness.

This audio is no longer available to stream. Click below to purchase, or listen to the latest free audio contemplation in the current Pulse.

Does Your DNA Hold the Secret to Your True Life Purpose?

Join Richard and Melissa Ambrosini in this podcast to find out the answer and more. Listen and learn about the crucial difference between the Gene Keys and Human Design, how to unravel your unique spiritual profile and how mastering the art of contemplation can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Seven Days of Grace

A Free Transformational Course

This mini-course is for anyone who wants to connect to a sense of higher meaning and to witness more Grace in their lives through gentle, daily practices. Across seven days, for up to 45 minutes a day, Richard Rudd guides us through a series of beautifully crafted meditations, rituals and reflections, with the intent of becoming more connected with ourselves and the Divine.

‘Grace is many things, but above all it is forgiving, gentle, uplifting and hugely transformational. It can turn a whole life around in a single moment.’
– Richard Rudd

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