February 25th – March 1st 2023

Gene Key 37


Weakness – Equality – Tenderness

This week we meet Gene Key 37, the key of family, community, cohesion and collaboration. With all that is happening in the world, how will you build bridges between people? Give time to people this week and find some form of service. Strengthen a bond that needs strengthening and unlock the great tenderness of the Divine heart.

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Gene Keys to unlock inclusion

In this fascinating dialogue, Richard Rudd meets an extraordinary man, Martyn Sibley. A champion of the disability community, Martyn has used the Gene Keys to help him transform negativity and great adversity into positivity and creative action. Here Richard and Martyn introduce the basic concepts behind the Gene Keys and how they can be of use to anyone, regardless of their situation.

Transforming Codependence

Here Richard Rudd tackles a universal theme that arises in every relationship once the honeymoon period subsides – the underlying shadows emerge and create patterns of negative codependence. With delicate compassion, Richard elucidates how a willing partnership can move through a potent transformation. Some will succeed and others not. The secret is to use the process for one’s spiritual growth, deepening intimacy and courage and expanding your capacity to love and let go.

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