December 31st 2023 – January 5th 2024

Gene Key 38


Struggle – Perseverance – Honour

This week we hone in on Gene Key 38 – Key of the Spiritual Warrior. Can you be the effortless warrior whose deep, loving wisdom sidesteps even the need for battle? The true warrior does not wish to fight and conflict becomes a dance, which paradoxically brings an end to the conflict.

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Unlocking the Energy of the True New Year

A fascinating article on the power of the seed-time between Christmas and February. Here, Richard Rudd reveals the true timing of the New Year towards the end of January, and explains how to build a powerful practice at this time in which our entire following year is seeded. Practical, yet magical – for anyone who wishes to be the architect of their own lives…

Meet the Community

This month, we would like to introduce you to one of the valued members of our beautiful and diverse global community. Come and meet the inspirational Daniel Regan – a Gene Keys Guide and Ambassador from Australia.

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