August 12th – August 17th 2023

Gene Key 4


Intolerance – Understanding – Forgiveness

This week we journey into Gene Key 4. This is a week to focus on understanding and forgiveness. Bring your full attention into the relational field and keep your heart soft and open – as much as you are able.

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Exploring Love and Relationships

In this episode of the Human Design Podcast with Emma Dunwoody, Elijah Parker takes a deep dive into the Venus Sequence and talks about a golden thread that weaves through and connects all of his life experiences. From getting hit by a car, to embracing the path of seeking and sacred geometry…  
Listen to this powerful conversation.

The Profound Power of Grace​

4th Gene Key – 5th Seal

The Seven Sacred Seals are a mystical wisdom that dovetails beautifully into the Gene Keys. Their primary purpose is to catalyse the awakening of the heart. This is an amazing program with many levels and dimensions. It is original, inspiring, profound and can be a great comfort to us as we deal with the many challenges that life brings. Appropriate for all levels.

Grace is a mystery. No one knows how it will touch down in your life, as it is a spontaneous opening up to higher dimensions. The Seven Sacred Seals are about preparing the ground so that you may have a direct experience of Grace in your life. 

The 4th Gene Key and its Siddhi of Forgiveness heals the 5th line wound of Guilt. Get a taste of some of the Invocations here.

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