January 22nd – 27th 2024

Gene Key 41


Fantasy – Anticipation – Emanation

This week we focus on Gene Key 41 – this is the true New Year, as Gene Key 41 corresponds to the ’Start Codon’ in our DNA. This is the perfect time to begin new projects, make potent resolutions and set goals for the year ahead. 

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Golden Path Open Call – Integration

Join Richard, Tanmayo and Elijah in celebrating the Golden Path journey and integrating it into your everyday life. 

These free online sessions are open to everyone. Join us live this Thursday, January 25th at 8pm UTC.

Which is the Most Magical Gene Key?

In this video, Richard poses the question: which is the most magical of all the 64 Gene Keys? His answer – the Gene Key of your Radiance, in your Gene Keys Profile. He then invites us to work deeply with our Activation Sequence, to really comprehend the potency of the miraculous power that every human being has locked inside them. Contemplation of the Gene Key of your Radiance can send ripples of manifestation into the quantum field of your life.

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