October 2nd – 8th 2023

Gene Key 48


Inadequacy – Resourcefulness – Wisdom

This week we drop into the deep wisdom of the feminine, the form and the body. So much wisdom can be found in our body, if we attune to its secret rhythms. Listen to your breath this week and practise regularly pausing, taking those moments simply to breathe.

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The Spring of Dreams

Selected Poetry and Prayers

These poems and prayers, accompanied by the exceptional visionary art of Jane Adams, are drawn from many years of my writings. They cover the span of my life and represent one man’s search to pierce the veil of the invisible. Poetry and prayer are perhaps the two beams of a ladder, with the words as the rungs. If one is fortunate enough to climb high enough and peer through the veil at the top, perhaps only then can we leave the ladder itself behind. This is the intention of this little book – to use words to help us forget words, and then to enter the play with full delight…   Richard Rudd

Transforming Issues of Control

In this thoughtful monologue, Richard Rudd lays out a personal path through the minefield of control issues that plague so many of us. Using his own life as an example, he shows how a contemplative approach can help us resolve deep issues of feeling powerless. Taking, as an example, our wish to end the suffering of those we love, he shows how this can be turned back on ourselves, to create a new level of agency and valour in our lives. Thus our inability to control painful external situations becomes a source of multiple gifts. Deeply life affirming and applicable to us all, this is a wonderful contemplation of the possibility of always finding Grace amidst suffering.

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